Solutions for

Working In Teams

Moving Forward with Our Team

Team members learn to build healthier, stronger relationships with one another, reaffirm their collective purpose and vision, and plan steps to improve team effectiveness.

Four Generations at Work – team version

This workshop teaches team members of different generations to better understand each other as well as practical, respectful ways to work more effectively together for team success.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator┬« (MBTI) – team version

This workshop allows team members to see how they complement one another, where their “pitfalls” are, and how to utilize their differences to form a more effective team. Based on the theories of Carl Jung, the MBTI allows people to gain understanding of their preferences about energy source, information gathering, decision making, and lifestyle/work patterns.

Active Training Techniques

This workshop is designed for employees occasionally called upon to conduct training sessions. Participants learn how to open training programs, obtain participation, teach without lecturing, sequence training activities, and end a program with follow up steps to ensure the transfer of learning to the job.

"I particularly liked the activities and useful tips for attitudes. The workshop did not get boring. The team building exercises were excellent - building the Peace Tower was fun and creative. Useful information, not 'pie in the sky'."

John, insurance claims processor