Solutions for When Time is Short

Power Hours: Developing Great Managers & Supervisors

This series of one-hour learning sessions is for managers and supervisors. These discussion-based sessions on relevant management topics fit easily into the day of busy leaders with time constraints.

Choose from 20 topics for lively conversation and learning:

  1. Management in Modern Times
  2. What’s Expected of You
  3. Managing and Improving Your Reputation
  4. Management Practices to Address Changing Needs & Goals
  5. Your Management Filter – Align Decisions with Intentions
  6. Mind Your Metrics – Measuring Success
  7. Hitting Grand Slam Home Runs
  8. Defining Excellence
  9. Communicating Expectations
  10. The Art of Planning
  11. Results-Oriented Responses
  12. Meetings That Rock!
  13. Mastering Your Time
  14. Internal Service Excellence
  15. Your Leadership Legacy
  16. Knowing When and How to Say “No”
  17. Aligning Your Department for Success
  18. The Art of Employee One-on-Ones
  19. Enliven Minds at Work – Employee Engagement
  20. Encouraging Collaboration

"I like the way we 'powered through' this topic in one hour. My mind is spinning with ideas to take back to work."

Terry, non-profit manager