Solutions for

Personal Effectiveness

Let’s Get Motivated!

Employees identify key factors that influence their own motivation needs. Two theories are analyzed and participants look for ways to become “charged” or “recharged” and create a personal action plan.

Managing Multiple Priorities

Participants analyze their attitude toward time, procrastination patterns, and personal “clutter styles.” They learn to plan time by setting priorities and developing action plans to be more effective on the job.

Moving Through Change: What’s in it for ME?

Employees are more productive when they learn how to work through all kinds of changes – voluntary and involuntary, big and small. Participants learn three transition stages of change with tools and techniques to successfully adapt to change at work.

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Effective communication saves time and money while reducing mistakes. Participants learn and apply concepts and techniques to better communicate with coworkers, supervisors, and customers.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator┬« (MBTI) – introduction version

Participants gain a clearer understanding of themselves which leads to a better understanding of others who may be different from them. This awareness then leads to better communication and tolerance of other employees.

Four Generations at Work – introduction version

This workshop equips participants with generational awareness. It teaches practical, respectful ways to work with different generations to increase performance and productivity with coworkers, supervisors and customers.

Stress for Success

While pressure situations at work cannot be eliminated, we can learn to deal with them effectively. Participants identify the stressors in their lives, understand how these stressors affect them, and practice a five-step model of effective coping strategies.

"Jeanie did an outstanding job of bringing it home for me. She shared personal experiences as examples to open our minds. I learned how to better manage my stress and develop techniques to choose how I let it affect me both in my business and personal life. The case studies and interaction with others were very helpful."

Patti, telecommunications company technician