Solutions for

Managers & Supervisors

The High-Performance Supervisor

Supervisors must achieve results by learning how to direct, train, and motivate others. This overview workshop can be followed by additional courses devoted to separate supervisory functions.

The Art of Delegation

Delegation is a must-have skill for success! This workshop teaches six steps that enable participants to delegate and communicate effectively to staff.

Coaching Employees

Participants learn a five-step coaching model along with various skills required for success including training, listening, and giving feedback.

Problem Solving

This workshop enables managers and supervisors to learn and apply problem solving concepts and techniques. Participants work through “real-life” work problems to practice six steps of problem solving.

Retaining Good Employees

Participants learn to communicate clear performance expectations and measurements, give and get feedback, reward and recognize employees, and provide employees with challenges and opportunities for the future.

Four Generations at Work – supervision version

This workshop helps supervisors learn to motivate and develop their employees based on generational differences. It teaches practical, respectful ways to work with differences for increased performance and productivity.

Leadership in the Performance Review

Participants analyze and practice skills to make the review process an ongoing, everyday opportunity to act as facilitators, coaches, and counselors for employees’ growth.

Motivating Employees

Using real-life challenges, participants learn what motivates others and strategize ways to create a motivating environment to meet organizational goals through employees.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) – leadership version

The MBTI helps participants better understand themselves as well as ways to more effectively supervise and develop employees. Based on the theories of Carl Jung, the MBTI allows people to gain understanding of their preferences about energy source, information gathering, decision making, and lifestyle/work patterns.

Making Meetings Work

This workshop teaches participants five keys for preparing for a meeting, developing the agenda, encouraging participation, handling counterproductive behaviors, and planning follow-up action.

On-the-Job Training

This workshop gives managers, supervisors, and designated trainers tools and techniques in an eight-step model for a systematic, active approach to training employees one-on-one.

"Coaching is a two way street. Listen and help people to reach their potential. I have a new cook – will try the skills learned today with him. The coaching preparation sheet offers a good structural / organizational tool."

Tristan, senior care facility supervisor